Worried Your Daughter Will Get Her First Period At School ? Here’s How I Prepared Mine.

What If Your Daughter Gets Her First Period At School
What If Your Daughter Gets Her First Period At School

I do understand your worry, as my daughter is also a tween. She is in a phase where some of her friends have got their period and some who haven’t. She could get her first period any day, any time in the next day, week, month or year. I didn’t want her to ever feel embarrassed, under-prepared or awkward, especially if she got it at school.

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After all becoming a young woman should be about celebration, and not a negative experience that she carries all her life.

This whole thought was overwhelming to me as a mother till I did the following things to prepare her.

I talked to her about it

Preparing your daughter for her first period is the key. I used this simple video from HowToTellYourChild.com to teach her about her body so that she would be positive and accepting of her own body.

Fun Video About Puberty

She uses leak-proof panties all the time

I got her leak-proof panties that she wears everyday to school. So, it does not matter when she gets her first period, these comfy cotton panties will hold any stain inside and ensure that her first period is NOT an embarrassing one.

She has a period kit in her bag

In her schoolbag is a small pouch in which she carries a pair of period panties and a few sanitary pads, so she is prepared all the time.

Period Products For School
Period Products For School

I taught her how to use period products

I actually made sure she tried the period panties on and trained her how to put on pads and how to dispose them. I have also told her that she needs to change her pad every 4 hours at the least and more often if the flow is more.

It’s great to see my daughter go out confidently every day knowing that she will be able to manage herself when she get’s her first period.

Be it at home, school or any where in this world!

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