What are Period Panties? Why do you need them?

Are you worried about staining during periods? Do you feel uneasy and conscious about yourself all the time during those days? Read on further to understand how period panties can help you or your daughter breeze through those days without any worries.

What are Period Panties?

Period panty is an innovative product by Adira that is a must-have for those days. Well-fitting and breathable, these panties are 100% stain proof and prevent front as well as back staining. The cloth is soft and very comfortable which helps you in doing all kinds of daily activities without any ado.

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Why do you need them?

Period Panties are a great option for women of all ages

  • Young Girls –

    Period Panty is the ideal option for your young daughter as she can take part in day-to-day activities, like school and sports, without worry of staining or facing any embarrassing situation. It will also boost her confidence during these days and make her feel positive about herself and comfortable with her body-image.

  • Women –

    Period panties are very helpful as they complement active lifestyle; whether you have to travel, spend long hours at work or have an endless to-do list, period panties will ensure that you feel comfortable in doing anything and everything even on those days.

Adira Period Panty
Adira Period Panty

How do Period Panties work?

Period panties are especially designed to suit the needs of women and girls during their periods. There is wider coverage and the layers ensure that there is no front, back or inner thigh staining. The material is leak-proof and breathable, thus, providing comfort. Made of soft fabric, they have extra support layer that does not allow the sanitary pad to shift or crumple.

Do you still need Pads/Tampons?

Yes, you still need sanitary pads or tampons because period panties are barrier products only. The cloth is soft and made especially to absorb blood spill, if any. You will still need to use either a sanitary pad or tampons during those days along with the period panties.

How do you wash Period Panties?

Wash away the stains; if any, with cold water and then you can either hand-wash the panties of wash them in the machine. The panties do not require any extra care or maintenance; you can wash them like any other panties.

How much do they cost?

Period panties are reasonably priced and available in different styles to suit your need. There are different styles and cuts for high flow days, medium flow days and for active lifestyles. You can find out more about the options and pricing here.

So, you can now stop worrying about period stains and have a stress-free and stain-free period.

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