How to Introduce A teenage Bra To Your Daughter

Once girls reach their adolescence start to develop breasts, it becomes important to choose a teenage bra for her.  Few girls look forward to wearing one, while for some it’s very stifling. Some parents find it uncomfortable to buy a bra for their little girl (wasn’t she just a baby yesterday!!) and it becomes even more difficult if they are under 10 years of age.

Due to our changing lifestyle girls, these days are now reaching puberty before their actual adolescence age. The girl’s body reaches to puberty early due to changes in the diet, hormone levels, and various other factors. This is the reason most girls develop breasts even before reaching their adolescence.

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The breast development usually starts between the ages of 10-15 years. Once you are aware of the physical changes in your daughter, it is best to start preparing for her big transition. If you notice your daughter is growing at a fast speed, it is better to prepare early. Gently explain to her about the changes in her body which she will experience soon.

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This “girl talk” is something which she will remember forever, so offer your support and provide best answers to all her questions. Don’t let her feel that any question is awkward or forbidden. Explain to her about the changes in the body, her physical transformation, inner sexual feelings, and mensuration.

Try to be informative, avoid scaring them. If you think, it is the right time to get her first bra, then makes sure comfort is the main reason for buying a first bra. When breasts start to develop, it gets bigger and sometimes can be painful due to tenderness. If your daughter seems eager to try then introduce her to one. But if she seems reluctant then don’t pressurize her – instead wait for a couple of days and then try again.

Choose a high-quality bra as this will define how she wil view bras later in life as well. Make sure it is well fitted and should not cause nipples showing through tops. Also it should be constructed such that it controls the excess movement of the breast while walking, jumping or running.

Don’t invest in a normal bra at first because she is not used to wearing a bra. Moreover, it is best to get her a sports bra or a trainer’s bra. Avoid selecting underwired bras as it can hamper the development of soft breast tissues. A well-fitted teenage bra should offer total support and covers the breast without any spillage. If you notice any spillage then increase the cup size and choose another.

Good teenage bras are made using soft fabric and have a thin pad to offer support and comfort. It is obvious for her to feel uneasy at the beginning, don’t force her to wear the bra all the time. She can wear a bra when she is going out when she is at home let her remove it if she wants.

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Lastly, it is important to let her know that, it is absolutely normal and natural process. She shouldn’t have to feel shy, embarrassed of conscious about the change in her body.

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