Should You Wear a sleep bra When You Sleep?

Many women are under the misconception that sleeping in a bra can lead to health risks and sometimes breast cancer as well. Despite overwhelming research, this urban myth has penetrated so deep that almost every other woman believes it.

Did you know that not wearing a bra during sleep can do more harm than good?

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No, Please, Hear me out.

It’s wearing the wrong kind of bra while sleeping that can mess with your body. This is why we have a sleep bra!!  Sleep bras are perfectly designed to reduce the discomfort in the breast area while you sleep. Some women with large breast find it difficult to sleep comfortably without a support to their breast. It offers total support without interrupting your beauty sleep.

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What is a sleep bra?

A sleep bra is not your usual wired bras which poke and pinch and basically make your life miserable. Sleep bras are made with the soft and light fabric. It is non-padded and provides maximum comfort while you sleep.

Should I wear a sleep bra at night? 

It is crucial to wear a sleep bra during the night to prevent sagging. A well-fitted and comfortable sleep bra can be highly effective to prevent the chances of sagging of the breast without hampering your beauty sleep.

Marilyn Monroe wore one!! And we all know how beautiful her breasts were!! 

The size of sleep bras will be exactly same as your regular bra. Sleep bras come in all size ranges starting from small to extra-large. Sleep bras can also be worn all day as home bras – as they are much more flexible as compared with underwired bras. The fabric is lightweight and soft, which ensures you get maximum comfort when you sleep.

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Should I buy a sleep bra?

Sleeping in an underwire bra can be harmful as it reduces blood circulation and can be uncomfortable. An underwired bra is too tight on the skin. This bra can dig into your tender skin and can lead to deep cuts, inflammation, itching, and irritation. An underwire bra can cut circulation and even can lead to change the shape of a lymph node near the underarm.

If you are planning to sleep in a sports / regular bra it is still acceptable as long as it is not tight and is made of cotton. A sleep bra is must for women with C cup or large size, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding moms. These sleep bras are also recommended for ladies with sore breasts. It offers much-needed support to heavy breasts.

Which Sleep Bra is good? 

Yes, we are biased when we say that Adira’s sleep bras are the best!!! LOL!!! But don’t take our word for it check out our collection of sleep bras which prevents sagging and drooping of breasts. These sleep bras are perfectly designed to offer extra comfort while you sleep, they are wire-free, hook free and made with soft cotton and elastic to provide comfy sleep.

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