Can a sleep bra prevent breast sagging?

Breast sagging is a natural change which your body adapts as you age. Although one cannot escape from it forever, a sleep bra can go a long way to delaying sagging by providing proper attention to your breasts.

Role of Sleep Bra in breast growth

A young girl starts to develop her boobs between the age of 7 and 9 years till 15. Pregnancy and breastfeeding also tend to contribute to breast growth. The right supported fabric around her chest can give you a comfort and confidence in the early period of breast growth, and later on provide the much needed support. While bras won’t “contribute” to  your breast growth, they will surely enhance the shape and the strength of your breasts and delay breast sagging.

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And ladies, large boobs, do in fact sag faster! It is not a simple myth! When your boobs are large, their increased weight tends to have a more downward pressure. Besides this, as the motion of gravity also pulls your boobs down, your large breast naturally extract more sagging than a smaller boob.

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Can a sleep bra prevent breast sagging?

For women, the skin around the breast area is the most sensitive than skin in other parts of the body. As your breast muscle is a combination of fat and tissue, you ought to give extra support to your breast by wearing a bra. Many of us who are habituated to use a bra do not really understand how a sleep bra really helps us to have a healthy breast growth and prevents the breast from sagging.

It’s also an urban legend that wearing a bra to sleep was one of Marilyn Monroe’s best-kept secrets. And do we really need to tell you how perky her breasts were?

And if you want to hear from experts then Matthew Schulman, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon has said that wearing a sleep bra reduces the strain and stretch on the breast tissue preventing sagging.

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Should you wear a bra to sleep?

This is a very common question that you might have come across in your girl’s meet up. There is a common misconception that a bra prevents their breast growth, especially while sleeping. As the breasts are placed firmly in a bra all day long, they have the misconception that by removing their bra during the night, they allow their boobs to grow. However, one should understand the fact that a bra neither grows nor can it shrink your breast.

It will only support your boobs to stay at its place and balance its weight without letting them sag. So, for those who prefer to have some kind of support for your boobs during sleep like girls with larger boobs, can wear the bra during sleep. A sleep bra for bed time is the best option, and you should definitely wear one.

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Why wearing a sleep bra prevents sagging?

As you now understand that a bra gives support to your boobs, the same support can be needed to your breast while sleeping as well.

  • If you are someone who sleeps with breast down against your bed, then the chances of sagging is more. As you are loading your whole body weight on your boobs, your breast tends to sag more.
  • If  you are someone who prefers to sleep on your sides, again the downward pull is more which leads to a dissymmetrical shape of your breast over time.

Considering all this, the right sleeping position to prevent sagging could be your breast facing upward. In this position, your breast will not experience much downward pull due to gravity. If you want to sleep on your sides, support your boobs with the pillow on both sides while sleeping. This will have a great effect in preventing your breast from sagging.

The same kind of support which your pillow gives to boobs while sleeping can be given by a good sleeping bra and so it can be helpful in preventing your breast from sagging.

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Which is good sleep bra to wear at night?

Look for a sleep bra which has the following features.

  • Support your breast
  • Allow your breast to relax
  • Not too tight on your rib cage
  • Prevents sagging
  • No underwired or push-ups

Other ways to prevent your breasts from sagging

Above and beyond all these points, a few simple points can prevent your breast from sagging. Make sure that you wear a bra during exercise. This helps to keep your boobs in place and does not allow your breast to sag with different work out position. Also, ensure to wear a bra while sleeping as it gives more support irrespective of your sleeping position. Moreover choosing right fitted bra according to your activity will help you to delay and prevent breast sagging.

#1. A right size bra:

Whilst choosing your bra, getting a right fit of the brassiere is challenging a. We’ve seen many instances where women pick up the same sized brassiere even when the bra design is different. This is not a right method!

With varying pattern, design, and fabric of a bra, the size you pick varies too. Since not all the brand comes with similar measurement, when you change your brand, your cup size may change. So it is always advisable to check for the right fit when buying a bra to give right support to your boobs.

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#2. Know your boobs can grow:

Even after puberty, till early 20’s, your boobs have its natural growth period. When reaching late 20’s you will not notice a vast difference in the growth of your boobs expect during pregnancy and with unusual weight gain.

With variations in your weight, some may experience variation in their breast size as well. So it is suggested to check your breast size once in every six months in order to avoid discomfort by your brassiere.

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#3. Wear a bra when exercising:

Exercises which helps to strengthen your breast muscles, oil massages and healthy diet generally help breast from sagging and it is especially useful for ladies with larger boobs.

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#4. Post pregnancy breast care:

Post delivery, it is very important to wear a correct bra. This is because the milk secretion can cause the breasts to get heavy with milk – causing sagging. While it may seem convenient to not wear one at that time – you shouldn’t avoid. A good nursing bra and a sleep bra during this time will go a long way to reducing sagging.

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