Why you need leak proof panties for your daughter

Panties are a very crucial element of the feminine hygiene. Panties have many variants but your daughter could really do with some comfortable and leak-proof panties that are especially good during periods. Periods stains are very inconvenient and embarrassing for young school girls. This is where leak proof panties come into the picture – they are totally period-proof and stain resistant. They can really save your daughter from embarrassing situations and ensure that she doesn’t suffer any loss of self-esteem.

When it comes to period panties many of us only know about black granny panties or the stained ones we only bring out when bleeding – but there is more to the modern age period panties. A leak-proof panty is must for all young girls and women, especially school going girls – so that they become more comfortable with this monthly phenomenon.

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What are Leak Proof Panties? 

Leak Proof panties are similar to regular panties which come with the leak-proof crotch. It can be used for unsure days and throughout the period days. It can be reused and are totally washable. The super comfortable leak-proof panties offer peace of mind against leaks which is much needs for all girls during periods.

Period Panties

What are leak-proof panties made of?

Myadira.com offers a wide range of leak-proof panties, it is manufactured with a combination of anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, breathable leak-proof, and absorbent technology to offer total comfort and hygiene to young girls. It has 100 % cotton and is leak-resistant, the leak-proof panties make sure there are no accidents.

You can feel clean, dry and hygiene the whole time when you are wearing them. Leak-proof panties can be used instead of pads and tampons. Some women prefer to use them during lighter days but you can always decide based on their period flow.

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Why you need leak-proof panties?

Leak Proof Panties are the best choice for the girls as it offers comfort and is stain resistant.

1. Best for pre-puberty girls- These leak-proof panties are perfect for pre-pubescent girls as it will save them from embarrassment. These panties will ensure that there is no stain when she is at her school or out with friends. These period panties ensure that her first periods are not embarrassing for her – but a welcome to her newfound adulthood.

2. When your period is nearby- For most girls periods can come unannounced. It is better to be prepared in advance, there is no keep wearing and discarding pads in anticipation. When you know your periods are around the corner, you can wear leak-proof panties to stay away from worry.

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