Are Clots During Periods Normal?

It is common in most women to have clots during periods. Clots are blobs of coagulated blood & tissue that look like gel and come out during periods along with the normal blood flow. They vary in colour from bright to dark red.

What causes clots during periods?

During periods, the uterine lining which is blood & tissue sheds and pools at the bottom of the uterus. It waits for the cervix to contract and expel this. To help in the breakdown of this thickened blood and tissue, the body releases anticoagulants to thin & allow it to pass more freely. But, when the blood flow is more than the body’s ability to produce anticoagulants, menstrual clots are released.

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Clots during periods are most common during heavy blood flow days. Women with heavy bleeding also tend to experience clots a lot more. If you are a heavy bleeder, you must read this.

Normal & Abnormal Clots

So, clots are normal but there is something called normal & abnormal, so let’s find out about that. Normal clots are about the size of a 25pc coin and occur occasionally during your period. Mostly during the heavy days of periods. Abnormal clots are larger in size and occur through out your period days. If you have reasons to believe you suffer from abnormal clots, do visit your doctor.

Underlying reasons for abnormal clots

  • Physical factors like being overweight or inactive lifestyle
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Medical reasons like fibroids, endometriosis, tumors, etc

Complications of heavy bleeding & abnormal clots

  • Fatigue & weakness
  • Anemia
  • Chest pains & shortness of breath

If you experience any of the above symptoms, do visit your doctor and don’t neglect.


Each case is different and your doctor will advise what is best for you. Here are the common treatments that are suggested

  • Contraceptive pills or similar hormone stabilising medication
  • If the bleeding is high and your iron levels are dropping, a surgery called D&C could be suggested

Tips to manage symptoms of heavy periods

  • Healthy & balanced diet and hydration helps relieve issues with heavy periods
  • Anti-inflammatory medications that are available over-the-counter helps
  • Always carry period supplies with you. Adira’s Period Pouch helps in carrying supplies discreetly to the loo and fits into a purse or school bag easily
  • And of course, Adira Period Panties are a life savers for those with heavy flow or low flow periods. Learn more on Period Panties here.

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We at ADIRA, wish you all a healthy period 🙂


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