Is it time to try out period panties and avoid those stains?

A woman’s periods usually starts between the age of 8 and 15. No matter how old we grow, periods cause many discomforts like menstrual cramps, irritation, acne, breast pain, breast swelling and so on. In addition to all this discomfort, the flow of blood varies from day to day and cannot be predicted at times – which all makes those 3 days very unbearable!

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Particularly, young girls are extremely shy and awkward about their bodies. Period stains can cause embarrassment when they are out of the home. Even now, in most of the rural places, young girls are denied school education once they attain puberty, mainly because of lack of hygiene, safety and other period-related problems.

#1. Adira’s pack of three for unsure days:
Creating awareness about periods starts with giving knowledge about the importance of right innerwear during menstruation. 80% of the women report that their “period panic” starts well before their actual menstruation starts.
When a girl is not sure about when she actually starts to bleed, she can begin to get uncomfortable the entire month long! Adira’s pack of three panties designed for unsure days helps women to deal with their monthly cycle without much anxiety. As these panties will prevent you from stain resulting from unpredictable discharge, you will be confident to go out anywhere even when you’re having your periods.

Period Panties

#2. Adira’s pack of 6 leak-proof panties:

By having Adira’s pack of leak-proof panties, you feel safe both at the time of periods, before and after your periods. These leak-proof panties ensure safety against the leakage of blood. These leak-proof panties are suitable to wear even after periods when there is a chance of a vaginal discharge.Leak-proof panties are more like a regular panty as far as the look and the feel are considered, but gives extra protection and keeps you dry against discharge.

#3. Adira period panty boxers:
Boxer panties give full coverage on your waist and ensures double safety during high flow days. When you are doubtful about the stain during your heavy flow days, the inner support patch inside the panty keeps the pad in place. It also supports your napkin from moving and crumbling up which can happen when a pad is placed for a long duration. This kind of panties is best suitable for travel and other important occasions like exams and sports time.

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#4. Adira period panty hipster:
Hipster panties are always suitable for medium to low flow days. Hugging your waist, these panties are very much suitable for active days where you need to move a lot. The soft cloth around your waist makes lets your skin breathe and the inner leak-proof crotch prevents you from staining in front and back.
These are the must-have collections for a hassle-free period and best suited for school, office and everyday use.

#5. Adira’s lacy period panty briefs:
Briefs give you more protection and comfort than other panty types. High rise type, suitable for medium flow days provides you the kind of feel which other panty type fails to give. The lacy elastic waistband makes it perfect for your skin and the stretchy cotton fabric gently touch your body throughout the day.
Lacy period panties come with a leak-proof crotch which helps you stay cool on your period day from stains and leak.

#6. Adira’s lacy girl’s shorts:
Shorts are always considered as boy type and so enable you to feel care-free. These trouble-free lacy girls shorts makes you stay light even on your heavy flow days. Super stretchy fabric gives more coverage than a usual panty and very ideal for active days where you need to work long hours. Crotch with inner support prevents the pad from shifting and moving and make sure that you are stain-free for a complete day.

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#7. Adira’s sporty period panty:
Sporty period panties are designed considering your outdoor activities like running and cycling. These panties are suitable when you are doing your workouts. Sporty panties stop you from taking tension about your periods and allows you to focus fully on your activities or work on hand.

Winning over your period panic is important during menstruation and this can be taken care by the period panties! Additional layers of inner support let you go with single pad even for heavier workouts as the leaks and stains are no longer a hindrance.

With the wide variety of period panties available online in India, one needs to choose the type sensibly that suits you. All these period panties , even though meant for periods, can be still used during normal days as well.

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