5 Signs That Your Daughter Will Get Her Period Soon

Period is coming! Sooner or later you have to get your daughter prepared for this. As mums of teenage daughters, we are always worried when it will start. Yes, that time of the month is not very easy and what bothers us is the fact that your little angel is about to face it. Worry no more, at Adira we have covered everything that you will need to know about the period signs that your daughter will go through.

Here we have listed most of the period signs that will aid you in understanding her growing body. Every child is different, so is their anatomy, and these 5 signs will help you identify what lies ahead:

  1. Physical changes – There is a lot to talk about puberty and how it changes your little girl’s body.  The best thing would be to take reference from your own experience and take the lead. You will start to notice that her body shape changes. Her hips will get wider and you will also see that the child-like features disappear and she starts to look more and more like a young woman. This might be the right time to invest in some  Leak-Proof Panties  so that she does not have an embarrassing first period at school or sport. Know why you need a leakproof panty here.
  1. Changes in skin – Oily skin, sudden breakouts of acne could be a signal that periods are a few months away. You will also notice that she might be sweating more than usual as her sweat glands become more active with onset of puberty. It is important for her to shower often to stay fresh.
  1. Mood swings – Some may go through an emotional ride as the hormones make them totally helpless. They do not know how to deal with them as this is just the beginning. They may be unusually sad, happy, irritated or agitated at times. Just calm them down and make them look at things with a brand new perspective. You need to bear one thing in mind that they are growing and their journey into adulthood needs to be smooth. This is a transition that needs to be managed with care. Consider gifting them her a Period Starter Packs/Puberty Related Books and talking to her about puberty and period in a positive manner.

  1. Body hair – One of the early signs of puberty is hair growth in the underarms and vaginal areas. She might feel awkward about it. But by talking to her in advance and letting her know that it is natural, will keep her at ease. You can also read whether waxing or shaving is better for your daughter here.
  1. Breast development – Breast development is definitely one of the harbingers of period. The early signs would be breast buds (when the nipples start to elevate). Watch out for tenderness, swollen or sore breasts in your daughter. Our Starter Bras work great for this stage of breast development.

You can use the resources built by our social initiative HowToTellYourChild.com for a positive introduction to puberty.

After all it’s only natural.

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