What To Expect With Your Daughter’s First Period

Are you worried a mother of young girl that is about to get her first period? Don’t worry, this is a natural process and we all have been there and so have our mothers! Teaching her her how to deal with it will help her look at herself positively and confidently.

1.When should you expect her first period?

No two people are same, so it’s very difficult to predict of her first period. It is dependent on many factors including how active she is, her weight, and of course genetics. However, you can anticipate it anytime from 8 to 14 years. If you are not sure when she will get her period, you can read about the first period signs here.

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2.How long will it last for the first time? 

First period could last anywhere from 2 to 7 days. Though many girls have witnessed it to extend a little more for the first time, it is recommended that you consult a doctor if it goes beyond 7 days.

3. What happens if she gets it at her school? 

You can this article on that will help you to prepare your daughter if she gets her period at school. You must make a period kit comprising of sanitary pads, period panties, hand sanitiser and wet tissues so she is stain and stress free. Do tell her to go to the school nurse, teacher or coach if she is scared.

4. How much of blood will she lose? 

As much as three tablespoons . This is quite the usual flow and she must be prepared for this. Do tell her to change her pad as when it gets full or at the end of every 4 hours. This way she will be hygienic.

5. What colour is the first period blood? 

You have to tell her how period  looks like in detail. Be candid and guide her as you are her only mentor in this case. It could be bright red or dark brown in colour. As it’s the beginning, the colour could be unpredictable too. While it could be a proper blood flow for some, for a few it occurs as just dry stains. This would change over the next few months as her period stabilises.

6. When will she get her next period? Again each girl is different from the other. She might be regular and her period might start 28-32 days from the start day of her first period cycle. It’s also common that some girls don’t get their period for a few months after the first time. There is no need to fret, you can wait it out. However, it’s important that she is always prepared by wearing   leak-proof panties everyday and keeping pads with her so she will not be caught off-guard. Ask her to mark her Period Calendar so it’s easier to keep tab on her period cycle.

You can make your daughter’s first period seem like a grand event. Some cultures celebrate this phase of life as “walking into womanhood” with great delight. You can do the same and throw her a first period party to make things light or you and her can go out on a special mom-daughter date.

After all it’s a celebration of woman-hood!

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