Starter Bras: Does your daughter really need them?

When a girl is around 9 years of age, she will start to show signs of puberty. One of the signs of puberty is breast development. Breasts grow in 5 stages and this phase can take 2-3 years for the breasts to start from the stage of a child to fully formed ones. During this phase, the usual camisoles or vests she  will not be enough to cover her growing nipples, while at the same time she will be early for a regular bra. This phase can be embarrassing for her if she does not wear the right starter bras.

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Reasons To Buy Starter Bras

Bras are meant for supporting the breasts. In young girls who are going through puberty, it helps to smooth the silhouette along with providing support & protecting the breast tissue. The right bras in these growing years will help your daughter feel more comfortable & confident. Starter bras can make her feel less exposed when she’s in the school uniform, wearing a light shirt or tees.

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Getting the first bra is a really big deal for any girl. She might feel excited or embarrassed. This is common, and you should help her be worry-free. Buying her book on puberty is a good way to make her feel positive about the process. The right starter bras minimise jiggling when she is running or playing, shape the appearance of breasts, and protect breasts. While we have established the importance of starter bras, here is help to choose the right ones.

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Book On Puberty
Book On Puberty

Choosing The Right Starter Bras

Choosing Starter Bras
Choosing Starter Bras

To buy starter bras or beginner bras for your daughter, you should consider the following:

Right Support: Ensure that the starter bras that you choose has a waist band elastic that is comfortable, stretchy yet holds form with multiple uses. This helps to provide the support at the bottom of the breasts.

Right Lift: Ensure that the starter bras has shoulder straps that are adjustable. This helps is giving the lift to the breasts as they increase in size and get heavier.

Right Coverage:  This is one of the most important factors. Ensure that the bra has either padding or quilting at the region that covers the nipples. This helps to prevent the nipple bud from showing through her tops and also protects the growing breasts.

Right Size: Choosing the correct size is important for her comfort. You can use the table below to choose the size that’s perfect for her.


Camisoles For Teen Girls
Camisoles For Teen Girls

At Adira, we make Starter Bras for growing girls & you can shop for them here. We make bras for young girls with the best quality soft fabrics and soft stretchy elastics that are long lasting. If your daughter feels awkward to start wearing bras straight on, you can transition her from our range of starter camisoles till she feels comfortable to move on to bras.

Here’s wishing the best for your little angel to blossom into a young lady with confidence.

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