Why you need leak proof panties for your daughter

Panties are a very crucial element of the feminine hygiene. Panties have many variants but your daughter could really do

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Are you prepared for your daughter's second growth spurt

Are you prepared for your daughter’s second growth spurt?

When it comes to their daughter’s growth and development – every mother is concerned about her height and weight growth.

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Is a waist shaper the right choice for you

Read this before you buy a Waist Shaper

What is a waist shaper? A waist shaper is a type of short corset that hides all the extra fats

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After PadMan, meet this Panty Woman

Unless you are living under a rock, you will know about the movie, Pad Man. Akshay Kumar’s movie is a biopic

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Padman challenge

Has your favorite Celeb done Padman challenge yet?

Bollywood is getting people to talk about even the most hush-hush subject like menstrual periods and pads!!! And aren’t we

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How to use a bra size calculator

How to use a bra size calculator correctly

Do your breasts overflow from your bra or does your bra ride up your back? Almost 80 % of women

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Which is the best brand for period panties?

Is it time to try out period panties and avoid those stains?

A woman’s periods usually starts between the age of 8 and 15. No matter how old we grow, periods cause

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