Which bra panties are good to wear during periods?

Despite the fact that you get your menstruation every month, periods are a pain to deal with. We always have to give extra attention to those days every month – right from choosing our outfits; making travel plans; or scheduling any important events.

Picking a right pair of bra panties for your period days will go a long way in reducing the discomfort you feel on these days!

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#1. Supportive bras

Padded or underwired bras can irritate your skin and not good for extended wearing. Swelling is a common problem with breast during periods which affects a considerable number of women. As it occurs primarily due to hormone changes which happen during the menstrual cycle, having a comfortable size bra is necessary to keep you away from discomfort.

It is also suggested by many professionals that choosing a cup size bigger than your usual size will help you if you are someone who experiences swelling on your breast at the time of menstrual cycle. Choose a good supportive bra for those period days.

#2. Unsure day panties

The days just before your periods are generally denoted as unsure days since you are not sure when your bleeding will start. Using unsure day panties will keep you comfortable and worry free.

A special absorbent material which is present inside this kind of period panties, prevent staining caused due to spotting or other vaginal discharge. This can happen on the last day of your periods too. So y choose these panties for your unsure days. Also, keep in mind that these panties cannot withstand once your flow starts heavier, but can be used only till you get to notice that you are bleeding.


#3. Sleep bra

bra panties online IndiaA sleep bra supports your breast when you are sleeping. It is rather uncomfortable for women with larger busts to sleep peacefully as they tend to feel that their breasts are sagging. This problem can be addressed with a sleep bra.
A sleep bra can prevent your breast from sagging or dropping while you are sleeping. The soft material on a sleep bra allows your breast to breathe more whilst giving support. Likewise, during menstruation, some women have pain and some discomfort. For those days, you can even wear a sleep bra during the day for comfort.

#4. Bras with stretchable lace

Bras with stretchable lace are also preferred by many women during periods. The reason is that the lace strap, unlike other straps, provides a light feel around your rib cage. Lace bras are usually made up of soft material which can be stretchable due to soft elastic blend along with the material.

#5. Leak-proof panties

Leak-proof panties come with a leak-proof crotch that prevents unpredictable stains. These type of panties are most suitable to use during periods as they prevent leakage that comes from your sanitary napkins or tampons.
During heavy flow days, you can’t predict heavy flow which can sometimes, leave a stain on your panties. These stains are tough to remove and leave a permanent mark on your panties and makes it ugly to use on regular days.
On the other hand, leak-proof panties take stains and absorb it with the help of leak-proof material present in the crotch area of the panties. The fabric is made in such a way to remove the stain easily, and thereby enable you to use the same panty several times.

#6. Period panties

bra panties online IndiaThe latest innovation towards women’s period care are period panties. Unlike leak-proof panties whose job is to protect you from small bleeding and discharge, period panties can be used when you prefer to free bleed on your panties. The embodiment of period panties is thin micro-layers which can absorb 2 tampons quantity of blood. These period panties can be worn without being support by a sanitary pads or tampons during your menstruation.

Period panties are washable and can be used multiple times. These panties are varied in style, capacity and comfort so as to fulfill your requirement during your periods. One has to choose the right one considering the heaviness of the flow.

Most women give a lot of attention to panties during periods and ignore the need for a good bra. However, choosing the correct bra panties will make you comfortable throughout your periods, so make a wise choice.

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